she's country....

So yeah, we have a ranch back home.
And I own real cowboy boots and a belt buckle.
And I love the smell of cows, grass, and dirt all mixed in one.
But where I'm from, the men don't dance.
So I've never really done the country dance thing.

Last night I went country swing dancing.
You remember how much I love to dance....right?
And as long as the boy could lead, I was all smiles.

But here's the thing about dances.
At any dance, there are bound to be winners.
and... losers.
Ok, losers is harsh. Let's do this classification by reasoning behind attendance.
Some boys go to dance. They come in a group, typically know what they're doing, and have fun.
[Still there to meet girls more often than not, but pretty normal]
And some go because.... well, girls will dance with them.
Especially here. Boys don't get turned down much around these parts.
So... I got asked by that type 2. twice.

the first one was a creep.
I mean straight up.
pull me in close and do weird, abnormal moves and.... yucky.

but you know, another one asked and I wasn't super excited.
He was probably 5 foot and walked a little funny.
and I think he might have been a little off upstairs.
he didn't really talk much while we danced, but he knew how to dance well. [no creeper moves included]
he spun me around here and there, and like I said before... I was all smiles.
very sweetly, and avoiding eye contact he said, "you have a really pretty smile"
of course, then I was prone to smile bigger and said thank you.
he messed up a little then bashfully replied, "Sorry, I can't dance when you smile like that"

Literally made my night, precious boy.
I know a fake compliment when I hear one.... I've gotten enough.
This was not fake. It was the most sincere one I've had in a while.
Gosh, wish I would stop judging right away.
It really isn't fair...

On a different note. We have 5 wedding invitations on our fridge.
Life, hurry up and get me a boyfriend so I can go to wedding receptions.
It's only a little more than slightly awkward to bring a first date.
and when the roommates don't know them, they aren't super keen on being your date.

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