another one of those crazy weekends.

Thursday night:
"hey tay, so dad wants you to come home this weekend"
"what the heck? For real? this weekend as in... tomorrow?"
"yeah, I'll figure it out and we'll book tickets tonight"
[i mean who wouldn't cancel everything to fly home for the weekend?]

cleaning checks. test. rush rush rush. airport. pick sister up from school. diet cokes and target shopping with the sister. flight. phoenix. dinner on our layover. girl talk. life talk. boy talk. back scratches. another flight. coercing people into letting us sit together. this song about 500 times. books. naps. HOME.

little sisters soccer game. lunch. talk talk talk. see people from home. get asked multiple times why i don't have a boyfriend. home. homework. talk some more. nap. movie. more people from home. talk talk talk. sushi with the family.

church with the family. more people from home. brunch. airport. flight. nap. dinner. flight. talk talk talk.

and just like that, we were back in Utah.

Normally, I'm pretty independent, but this was one of those times where I didn't want to go back to being on my own. 

So here's to moms who let you take naps and give you candy for the flight home

 and California weather- including blue skies and puffy clouds
 and wooden carved welcome bears at the frosty
 and lots of diet soda.

and being crazy. and spur of the moment trips home.

love you all. 
taylor ann


Phillip and Katrina said...

charleston chews that have been in the freezer for an hour are one of my husband favorite candies:)

kylee said...

yaaay for trips back home and double yay for those amazing pictures!

Danielle and Trev said...

Love these pictures!! Just found your blog! Following now, TOO cute :)