Hi, my name is Taylor and I have a pinterest obsession.

 Ok, I am obsessed with pinterest. It's like the same concept as Facebook [time waster, good for stalking, etc] except...

1. you aren't stalking people. thus-not creepy.
2. It gives you the giggles sometimes, and laughter is always good.
3. It gives you tons of creative crafty and baking ideas. aka enlarging your brain, right?

 Anyways, I made these little guys this weekend, and they were a huge hit. Bennett deemed them "heaven in your mouth" and Kathryn said they were the best cookies she's ever had. The boys across the way also showered compliments. Who knew you could really bake people so happy?

Well apparently you can! So if you want to try your luck I'll tell you what I did. I made the normal cookies, then made up my own frosting. You see, frosting is one of the only things that you can play with a little more without worrying too much about messing it up.... so normally I take advantage of the opportunity to play. For these, I beat cream cheese and powdered sugar together until I liked the sweetness of it all (add milk if it gets too thick), a little honey and vanilla....and vwala! We have a honey creamcheese frosting!

Of course, being the ghetto baker that I am, I used my normal ziploc bag with a cut out corner to pipe it onto the cookies. Fun Fact: the flavor is identical no matter how ghetto the means ;) Oh, and I did not use parchment paper, because note the ghettoness above- we obviously don't own any. But I would definitely suggest doing so to prevent the bottom of the cookies from getting too baked.


Love you Always,

Taylor Ann


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kylee said...

hi my name is kylee and i think i want to join your pinterest obsessed club. your baking club too. but mostly i want to join your cookie eating club. those cookies look bomb.