Thoughts on life.

Today, there's a lot on my mind.

Most of the thoughts center on how short life can really be,
and that anything can happen. to anyone. at any moment.
Today it has been two years since my cousin Caroline passed away.
She was young, with three little ones- all under the age of 12.

I was able to visit her 3 or summers back or so, when she was in remission.
Although she was my senior by, I don't know, almost twenty years,
we talked frankly and openly like we were cousins.
After all, that's what we were.
We spent time talking about marriage and dating and high school,
we enjoyed fabulous dinners due to our mutual love for good food,
we bonded over our mutual love for great shoes,
we talked about growing up and how there's no need to rush.

I was in Texas for especially for youth, a church camp.
That year, my roommate had to bum out on me at the last minute,
and in all honesty I was a bit nervous and frustrated.

I will be forever grateful that Heavenly Father stuck his hand directly into my life,
and gave me a little extra time with Caroline.

Everything happens for a reason,
even when you don't understand it.
Today I found out a friend from high school, who just got married,
is moving home because her husband has cancer.
I don't understand that.
Caroline Terry lost her battle with cancer 2 years ago,
and left behind a loving husband and three children.
I don't understand that either.

So today, be grateful for what you have.
Love the people you love,
and take advantage of every opportunity.

I love you all,
Taylor Ann


Kimber said...

Taylor...this was so tender. Thank you for sharing such vulnerable, real feelings here for everyone to see. Thanks for being one of the people who brings love and light to my life :) you're the best!

Lorina said...

I just found your blog! It's so great! And it's true sometimes things happen to us that we don't understand we just have to learn the make the best of everything and love life. I can tell you do just that!