food drives and lots of lovin'

My week was taken over. 
Snatched right up.
Collecting cans, 
making announcements, 
contacting volunteers.
You know, all the good stuff. 

Tonight my roommates asked me an insightful question. 
They asked me why I do it- all the service stuff.
It took me a minute to answer....
I have been dong it all so long that I almost forgot.
But it comes down to this-I need it.
I need something that's not about me.
Service is really what saved me,
when I got lost in the sea of people here.
And when I remember that, 
it's all easy again.
And it's always worth it.

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Jacqlyn said...

What a sweet post. I bet you change a lot of lives, even if it is a simple gesture. :)