Thanks to you.

Weekends are so good.
This weekend included some bijou market,
ballroom dancing,
a dinner date,
to-do list checking,
great basketball game seats,
a freeeezing football game,
and lots and lots of chatting.

But today is a thank you post,
or a thankful post
-whichever you prefer.

[[You see, because I didn't really hop on the "thanksgivingblogposting" themed bandwagon,
I think I'll make it a blog theme a little later- 
you know, when it's a little more challenging to find things.
I think I may challenge myself and do a thankful month in..
Or February.
better yet, March.]]

But regardless of anything else,
I have some thank yous to say.

1. To Grandma.
Thanks for the darling earmuffs you gave me this summer.
I wore them to the game this weekend,
and they were not only a great accessory,
and gave me an awesome excuse to talk about how wonderful you are,
but they were so warm!
I. love. them.

2. To Kathryn.
Who helped me through the week.
Who stays up late to talk to me about life....
Because let's be real- we kind of have the same life.
And who says as I walk off to bed in half-slumber
"hey Tay?"
"I love you"
*Love you too*
"It'll all work out."
Thank you for being there.
I really do need you.

And I go home in two days.
So that's the best thing of them all.
Helllllooooooo all-nighter to prepare to go home!

I feel like that's the way I always end these "almost home" posts.
17 credits=love.
time=not a lot
not a lot=necessary-all-nighters

Love You Always!
Taylor Ann

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