love it all.

Thanksgiving around these parts is simply the best.

I had that swelling in my heart all day long.

You know, the kind that means you're happy all over.

It started with a run to the top of the world.

Two miles of straight uphill, but the end is really something.

Then, the traditional festivities.

I took part in the baking this year. My job? Apple pie..

Then the fun moved to grandma's, where my job is official masseuse.

Oh.... and life-story teller :) That too.

Then, the men tell stories around the table.

Grandpa tells about his favorite dogs and horses over the years.

And grandma runs around being busy and putting things away.

My daddy is a busy-body, so we take the little kids and go to the movie theaters.

Then we come home and put tired babies to bed and lay around before bed.

Scripture study and prayer with the little sister is last before falling fast asleep.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 

I suppose there must have been some incredible stuffing and multiple pies in there somewhere....

but that's the secondary stuff :)

I love Thanksgiving.
I love my family.
I love you all.

Taylor Ann

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Kara said...

I LOVE YOU TOO! Thanks for the help with making the pie it was amazing!