so just some stuff today.

so i have stared at this blogger screen thinking i may have something to write for days on end.

the truth? i'm not a writer. sometimes i feel like i have nothing funny or cutsie to say, so i say nothing at all

well, that's no way to live now is it? don't keep your mouth shut because you have expectations for your words

i love joy. she posted this week about writing like you... talk about your quirks. about the things that make you cool. about the things that make you happy. about the things that make you different. so i think i will.

i'm on a team with all boys to run the spartan in january. i told them i was afraid i'd slow them down. they said they didn't care and smiled as they said i was the only girl brave enough to accept the offer. now, i have a major reason to train. and train HARD.

one of my favorite friend-boys asked on Sunday when i am going to start modeling for anthropologie. even though it's quite the long shot, i blushed and was pleased that anthropologie was the store of choice. all the while being thoroughly impressed at his knowledge of what that would even look like.

i have a date, maybe two, this weekend. and had to cancel four dates to go home the other week. you know something, dating isn't everything but it sure is fun. and dates sure make a girl feel good, regardless of it goes from there.

i'm in high stress mode. food drive is here. and i have a big test tomorrow. and i'm getting sick. boy, do I need thanksgiving and that small town back in my life. and i only can kinda breathe and lay down for a minute once it gets here, but that's going to be very much good enough.

mostly, i love you all.
sorry i've been mia.



kylee said...

you are my idol. way to be up there with the boys like that. i've had a store compliment once before too. i was told i looked like i stepped out of an urban outfitters magazine once. loved my life hearing such a thing. being told you look like you belong to anthro? that's the best store compliment out there! okaaaay miss dates left & right! love that you're going out so much! i have always wished to live the life of a constant dater. cue stress for all college students. finals are upon us soon and the holidays can't come quick enough.

Kara said...

Count down to that small town you talk about...T-7 and change!!!