On the docket.

i have a love-hate relationship with weekends these days.

you see, I always end up being maybe more busy than the rest of the week.

but I also get to pack in more fun than during the week.

aaaaaand I let myself stay up super late.
[it's the weekend- that's totally allowed]

so here's to dinner dates and dancesport.

and speed dating and more dancesport.

and maybe some homework too.
[ok, so I have to do homework]

and dancing, music, nail painting, maybe some crafting.

but don't forget that it's 11-11-11, so make an extra big wish :)

and be sure to make it the greatest day ever.

ps, I totally made these last night.
they were delicious. super delicious.
pinterest, you rock my world. 

and in honor of 11-11-11:
I am naming things I'm lucky for... 
because I'm just surrounded by lucky, I'm not actually lucky, really. 
[lucky that I have the cutest, most patriotic little sister ever, lucky that byu is magical and has paper windmills lining stairwells and giant hampster balls rolling around on campus, lucky that my hair can fit in a bun now- thank you inventor of the bobbypin :), lucky that wintery layery outfits are fun, lucky that I love sweets-how do people live without those little guys, lucky for other peoples birthdays when I can take them to cupcakes, and lucky that I found the perfect color nailpolish at the grocery store last night-and it's named Vixen.]

all in instagrams, too.

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