Hi, my family is adorable.

Ok, first things first, I'm going to throw a disclaimer out there for my next weeks worth of posts...
They will be 100% about home and my family.
Yep, there's just no getting around it.
1. I have the best family ever. no bias necessary there.
2. At school my life consists of homework, school, and well... yeah.

But, for your enjoyment while I make the drive back to Utah today
[and by "I" make the drive I very much mean while my brother in law makes the drive and I sit in the back seat....]
I will provide you with the proof that I have the most darling little group of cousins.

These guys are the youngest cousins by quite a few years, 
so we love love love to have them around.
[especially this baby-deprived college student right here!] 

I got to spend a few minutes with them before they headed back to the bay area.
And my heart just kept melting!

"Ok, so I need a million kisses from each of you before I leave"
*Just 5 tay-tay [hand open to indicate the number five]*
"Ok, ok. Then just five"
"How about you, Miss Lolo? Can I have a million kisses?"
*Five [using same five-finger indication as big-sister]*
"Ok, Ok. Five kisses it is"
then...from the carseat up front I see a little hand shoot up. 
*Two, taytay! Two!*
"Ok! Two kisses for my favorite boy!"

"Bye babies, I love you. I'll see you at Christmas"
*Wait, tay-tay, seven more kisses!*
*Yeah, tay-tay, seven more kisses!*

"Before I leave, what do you guys want for Christmas??"
*a bracelet and a necklace!*
*I want a bracelet and a necklace too!*
*a pony!*
*a hampster*
*a jewelry box...so then I can put my bracelet and necklace inside*
*a clubhouse*
  ...and that is just to name a few. 
Good luck with those 3 hampsters and a pony, Santa.

Yeah, I know, darling.


In case you were wondering, the kisses added up to almost a million (;

Aaaaaaand I know... 
my little brother is a looker.
And that tan all year round.
And single.
And 17.
So, I mean, if you wanna wait around a few years..

love thanksgiving,
love cousins,
love kisses,
 love you all,

Taylor Ann


Camille said...

No joke, CUTE FAM FAM!!!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh my gosh, such a cute family!

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