true confessions and finding driveways

Ok, so Aspen and I have known each other for...well, ever.
We're the kind of friends who discover old gymnastics pictures in dinosaur leotards,
or spelling bee pictures, 
and share all of our elementary school memories.
I went to drive to her house last night and realized I didn't really know where I was going.
But somehow, effortlessly, my nighttime drive ended at her driveway.
But that's always been the way it is with us-effortless.
And you know, that's the best kind of friendship there is.
Last night we went up to the house,
which is always a favorite place of mine.
the floors aren't in, 
[but when you have a blanket for a picnic you just don't need them]
but the lights are!
We celebrated by playing "true confessions"
with sparkling cider in pretty glasses.




The night ended with my sleepy-slurs in place of sentences, 
and two 20 year old girls in a twin bed.
I think the last bit of conversation went something like this
"So when do sleepovers become unacceptable"
*I don't know- hopefully never*
"Like when you're married...do you still have sleepovers?"
*I don't know... you probably have better things to do with your evenings...*
*but we can have sleepovers anyways*
"I hope we still have sleepovers when we're 80 year old women"
*yeah, me too*

Overall, a total success of a night.
Can't wait to have pudding dates when she gets her wisdom teeth out in a few weeks.

Love You Dear,
Love you All,
Taylor Ann

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Li'l Lizzie said...

you are darling. and i love your writing. hence i'm a creeper and put you on my blog list so i can stalk you more often!