Day 1

Well, I already failed for the first day...
Mostly, I left the house and didn't return for over 12 hours....
Forgive me?

I decided that since it is the month of my birth.
To get in the spirit of gratitude for the life I've been given...
my goal is to post about something I like about my life or something i'm grateful for.
Every day.
For 20 days.

Because guess what? I'm turning 20.

Today's Love: My cute parents.

I just can't help but love them a whole lot.
First, look how cute they are :)
They are wonderful parents, and always want the best for us.
They also put up with me calling all the time with nothing to talk about when I get homesick.
[even though I'm pretty sure they don't have time to just "shoot the breeze"]
I attribute nearly my full wardrobe to the doing of my mother 
[thank heavens for Birthdays and Christmas...or I'd look like a bum]
I didn't get as many things as I would like from her, but I'll try to work with what I do have.
and I attribute nearly everything else to my father. [just kidding...but really, alot]
My eyes. 
My nose [or so I've been told]
My need for specific plan and direction.
A whole large chunk of my personality is nearly identical to his.
I think it's fitting to put them first on my list this month. 
After all, they're the reason I'm here. 
And that I've successfully made it to 20.
Or so I hope...

Thank your parents today...it doesn't have to be on any list. 
And to my parents who will read this
1. I love you both a whole lot. 
2. I can not wait to see you in.... 2 weeks :)

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KariElle said...

you are such an inspiring person taylor! i am excited to spend the evening with you at our retreat =]