Day 15,16? Ohhh the upcoming :)

Ok Ok, Tuesday I get to reveal some BIG news.
Can't wait to tell all of you.
Mostly because this thing has been consuming my life,
so I think about it alot....and thus want to blog about it.
But really, stay tuned for Tuesday.

Today I love swings.
I just got home from the park.
And I got to swing on a huge swing.
And it reminded me of how much I love to swing.
I haven't figured out why I love it so much.
I smile the whole time, and sometimes
a giggle
or two
or three.
might escape.

Maybe it's because they make me feel little.
Maybe it's because I really do like wind in my face.
Maybe it's because I just love them.

Family will be here in the morning...
literally counting the hours.
Have a happy happy long weekend!


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Krewson Family said...

does it involve something you are not allowed to talk about 3400 WSC? haha and there are signs everywhere to serve as reminders. If rumors are true :) i might know what has been consuming your time.