Days 8,9,10. Oops

 Today I am going to be triple grateful! 
Mostly because I have failed the last 2 days at expressing it.... blogwise. 
1-To grandma: Look, I made a lamp!
That puppy [seen above] used to be a hideous golden lamp from DI
.....spray paint does wonders :)
Someday I'll blog about the rest of the treasures I got that day.
2. I've been needing a dirty clothes hamper. So bad. 
And I found a cute one today at Ross!
[seen beside my lamp]
Really, the clothing situation in my room was
wildly out of control.
Now it's....semi.... under control.
And 3!
To the US Postal Service:
Thanks for making peoples' days..... all the time!
Love, Taylor
But really, who doesn't love receiving letters?
There's just something about them that makes you happy. 
Because someone who has every excuse to lose contact with you 
[thousands of miles, years, or other kinds of space between]
has chosen not to. They took time enough to think of saying hello.
You officially crossed their mind without having crossed their path.

Of course it's give and take. 
You have to send them too :)
When you try hard, you might just receive letters from all places.

And receive them from all levels of creativity :)

 But regardless of when they come, or where they're from...
I love them.
Letters, that is.

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