Day 12: Happy Valentine's Day, world

Day 12: I'm grateful for lots of things today
[how could I choose just one?]
My day was so good.
I just knew it would be.
And funny thing, I had no Valentine.
Nope. I woke up and it was beautiful outside. 
Sunshine. 50+ degrees. I mean....practically spring, right?
So I adorned my hot pink skirt, a light sweater and flats. 
How long has it been since I've worn flats? Likely forever....

Classes were fairly average. 
Then came dance. 
And we danced the dance of love. 
and passion.
Anyways, it's a really technique based class, 
and I rocked the test!
Mind you, I don't really rock too many tests....
well, ever. 
it's just not my thing [am I alone in that?]

Then I met literally one of the kindest souls that has ever been.
I'm pretty certain. 
He's an older man who works at the copyright office,
and I met him while volunteering for Honor Week.
After a really nice conversation, he turned to me and said
"Well, I'll be disappointed if we don't keep in touch at this point"
He proceeded to give me his card and asked for my e-mail.
He offered his assistance if I ever were to need anything.
He said he felt like people were kind to his children,
so he should give back and help us. 
That's the valentine's spirit.

So really, it was the day of love.
Dances of love. 
Feelings of charity.
and, well...
I have decided happiness is a mindset.
Someday maybe I'll explain to you 
why I haven't always liked Valentine's Day.
And maybe next year I'll have a Valentine.
Or maybe I won't.
But it will be great either way.

Back to reality.
More homework anyone?

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