Day 6: Lovely Friendship

So yesterday I had class until six pm.
And it was frigid cold on my 15 minute walk home.
Mostly the wind was blowing. hard...the kind with little snow pellets.
I was freezing.
and hungry.

I came home to this
sitting on my dresser.
it contained things like...

and this

and this 

Let me tell you a story about that bunny rabbit.
So one time there was an old man who lived in Coarsegold
He would bring these....well, kind of hideous....
wooden animals to our elementary school.
Boxes and Boxes of them. 
We just didn't really know what to do with them.
Aspen and I adopted this one.
And send it back and forth.
Instead of annoying, now it's nearly endearing :)
Oh shoot, I love our friendship.

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