Day 14: "the wise"

Why am I in the library at 11pm on a Thursday night?
Don't you worry! 
I just watched 

this movie

It was so so so good! Up until the ending 
where it was horrible and I almost cried. 
Let me explain almost.
I was sad, but I....well, 
I think I have a problem. 
I just don't allow myself to cry. 
It's like this weird innate thing, 
where if I feel it coming on, 
my body stops itself before I ever even think.
Maybe that's why when I have a breakdown 
[every not so often]
it's more like a meltdown.
Luckily I haven't had one of those in a long, lonnnnng time.

On a sujeto diferente....[different subject]

Sometimes I'm blown away with how many wise and wonderful people there are in this world. Today I'm grateful for them... and how kind they are to me! I've had two really great conversations with these "wisepeople" in the last few days. People who are older, and smarter and more experienced in life than I am.

Some of their quotes:

"When they tell me to lengthen my stride, I quicken my shuffle"

"You know how much these fake teeth cost me? 
More than my first house in 1954 after the war, and it was fully furnished"

"Well, you will be great at whatever you do. I can already tell"

Chat with someone wise this week.

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