On sprouts and pyramids.

One time, in that class we talk about so darn frequently on here...
we were assigned to grow a plant. 
what is the paper about at the end?
so, of course, I read way too much into the events that happen in regards to this plant.

Today my plant sprouted.

It had been 3 weeks... and let's be real...I was starting to worry.
I mean, what does that say about my relationship "growing" ability?
[just kidding... but kinda....]
as girls we read into everything too much anyways. 
But regardless, this is what I got out of it in terms of relationships.
Sometimes they are slow starters. 
Sometimes you can't see anything there for a long while. 
But then, there it is. Undeniably growing....that cute little green sprout. 

Then I read a talk and realized maybe starting out with some effort and time to get it going isn't so bad.
Let's read this quote together and see what we get out of it :)

"Be friends first and sweethearts second. Lowell Bennion once said that relationships between young men and young women should be built like a pyramid. The base of the pyramid is friendship. And the ascending layers are built of things like time, understanding, respect, and restraint. Right at the top of the pyramid is a glittering little mystery called romance. And when weary travelers in the desert see that glitter on top of the pyramid from far off, they don't see what underlies the jewel to give it such prominence and hold it so high. Now, you don't have to be very smart to know that a pyramid won't stand up very long if you stand it on its point instead of its base. In other words, be friends first and sweethearts later, not the other way around. Otherwise, people who think they are sweethearts may discover they can't be very good friends, and by then it may be too late."

We'll leave it up to interpretation for time's sake. 
Hope you had a good day :)
As Always.

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