Day 20: Age 20

Today is my birthday.
What makes birthdays so good always?
I have decided it's the mindset.
What if I went into every day just knowing it was going to be great?

Regardless, it was a wonderful birthday.
homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast :)
with decorations in the kitchen.
La Jolla Groves for dinner....
so so good!
they are obviously supporting my campaign.
[which I will post about in a minute...aka a day or so]
A canopy of lemon trees:)
Some diet coke...happy birthday to me.
tastes like home.
and chicken crepes!
Ok, sooo good. Saved some for lunch today ;)

 But let's be honest, who cares about the food!
I got to spend my birthday with my beautiful family.

And I gave and received lots of hugs and kisses.

and hung out with gorgeous girls all day!
[Please note how big Brooke has gotten...
it's like she's a woman!]
My 20th birthday was different than the birthdays before. 
I think I actually feel older. Not since yesterday...
but since I turned 19. How weird that we all grow up.
My birthday was all I could have hoped for. 
I have the best family ever. 
I have the best life ever.

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kylie said...

looks like you did have a wonderful birthday! being twenty is so fun. you will love it. :)