Day 13: In love with the Mountains.

Today was another beautiful day.

I have yet to do anything productive...
But today I'm grateful for the mountains. 
I could never live anywhere where I couldn't be near them.
Anyways, Today I exercised in the afternoon....

So I ran. 
towards the mountains. 
I ran until I found a trail. 
And I ran until the world got quiet. 
and all I could hear was the wind as I looked over the valley.
And I remembered how much I love the mountains.
In all their grandeur and majesty.

I love the mountains of Peru

I love my mountains. 

And now I love my new mountains. 

Do you have mountains?
You should take advantage of that.



Paige Brunt said...

yay! i am happy i found your blog. i am going to stalk it now :) here is mine, if you enjoy blog stalking like me! (tobeperfectlybrunt.blogspot.com) i LOVE your gratitude posts. hope you are doing well!

kylie said...

oooh i love my mountains. timp is totally my mountain and i love these wintery sunsets that turn it pretty and pink. i love the pic!