Day 2

Happy Day 2 of my birthday month "love blogging" spree
Today in my Spanish class we sang
"Soy un hijo de Dios"
interpreted: I am a Child of God
and I remembered how much I love the children of Peru.
And the things they taught me....
How to be grateful.
How to love better.
How to appreciate the love I do have. 
And most importantly, they taught me about the meaning of being a child of God.

He loves each one of us, no matter who or where you are.
You are His child. And to really know that makes a huge difference.
For them, it made all the difference. 
I hope it does for you.
It does for me.


rebecca and eric said...

Taylor I love these pictures! I went to Mexico on a study abroad the summer after my junior year at BYU, and played with kids at an orphanage every day. So these make me smile. :) also I checked out your older craft posts and I LOVE them! I am so into re-making old stuff into new cute stuff right now! Nice job on all of your projects. Hope you have a happy rest-of-your-birthday-month!

TaylorAnn said...

Aw thanks Rebecca! The kids were the best part, I loved it. And about the craft posts, thanks! I wish I had more time to do those sort of things, because I'm loving doing them right now. Do you have a blog? I hope your cute family is doing well, I saw the pictures of your girls the other day....I'm pretty sure they couldn't be more darling :)