Day 7: It's a little late....

Blogging once a day is hard.

Last night I only got in the ballpark of 3 hours of sleep.
Check in on that in about.... hmmm.
the end of this countdown [but really it's a countup?].....
to find out the reasoning behind this lack of sleep.
It's currently 2am.

And I'm going to highlight today my gratitude for people.
I love them.
It's pretty much that simple.
Think of all the fascinating, kind, talented people in your life.
But also think of those who are so good and beautiful and wonderful...
They just don't realize it yet.

I think of it this way.
Let's say you are an adult and you have a daughter.
She is absolutely darling and has a shining personality,
but she doesn't realize either.
She sees herself as something different than that.
As ugly, or bad, or annoying.
As a parent, she may not believe you when you say she is none of those things.
But you have to love her no matter what, right?
Well, wouldn't you be so grateful if she had someone
[a teacher, friend, anyone really...]
Who helped her to see her beauty. Her potential. Her light.

That's our job! To be that person!
When you can learn to see the good in other people
and help them to see it too, it's the most wonderful feeling.
Some people are easy. You can just see the good in them right away.
Others not so much.
They believe that they are bad so much...
that they've made others believe that way too.
they may even have you tricked.
But I'm here to say 

not so.

Never believe those things about yourself.
And never believe them about someone else.
Because at the core, it's never true.
It's a scam really.
To get you to not reach your full potential.

Try to love people today, as easy or hard as it may be.
I love you all. Thank you for being so wonderful.


Jordyn said...

Girrrrrl you are speaking the truth. I hope it's not hard for you to see the good stuff in yourself because you're freaking overflowing with it!

Beau&Lindee said...

i like this a lot taylor :)