getting back on feat. miss mackenzie

Have you ever fallen off a horse?
Well, it's kind of a scary thing....no matter how old you are.
When I was probably around 6 years old, I fell off my horse straight into grandma and grandpa's pond.
Daddy gave me the shirt off his back and I emotionally recovered at grandma's house.
[which is, of course, the best place to recover]

But would you know what is the most important is about falling off?
Getting back on.
Which also happens to be the scariest part.
But gosh darnit, isn't that the way everything is?

Well, this story isn't about me after all anyways.
You see, Miss Mackenzie loves horses.
[Santa even gave her horse pajamas this year]
Over Christmas, she fell off.
Scared her and everyone else half to death,
but she was so brave.
She got right back on.

You know, if you think about it....
everything good stops if you fall off at the first bump,
and never get back on.
But life keeps going just fine if you get back on.

I love you my pretty little Mackenzie :)

Taylor Ann

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