my life in instagram.

a. Lauren and I dawned matching bejeweled cases. found for $2... I couldn't resist
b. tights are the greatest thing that ever happened
c. baking boys happy.... it's more fun that way
d. using my new cake decorating supplies from grandma to make cupcakes for my spanish class. #win
e. fitting in the skinny jeans these days.... and all kinds of big gulp runs :)
f. sledding at solider hollow for a student alumni retreat. sooo fun :)
g. getting serenaded on the weekends by cute boys is the stuff. try it sometime.
h. and tights.... again. with the boots I haven't taken off since Christmas. socially acceptable slippers people.
i. getting the PERFECT descriptions of ourselves on a date last week.
j. my sister got a puppy named Watson.... I die.
k. he loves his aunt taylor.
l. wearing my mom's sweater from college. real retro is the best.


kylee said...

can i just tell you how pleased it makes me to know that i have seen all of these before they made their appearance on the blog? really pleased i tell you. tights truly are the best thing that's ever happened. tights mean i can love fall & winter. "baking boys happy" my new life motto. but really. i love to bake, epecially for boys. if a boy wants to make me feel good about life all he needs to do is compliment my treats. sledddding?! lucky duck! i've been craving a good sled run. can you crave thing other than food? cute boys indeed. i want in on this next serenade sesh. that puppy, that puupy's name and all the pictures of that puppy..... now i die too. could i be any more jealous of your mom's retro clothes? i always wish my mom would have kept hers. she had some major steeeeze that i would kill to wear. longest comment of all time is now over.

Lauren said...

"baking boys happy" sounds like it could be in a stuff mormon girls say!

um. cute aprons & matching cases.

also, BYU blogger meet-up?