it is what it is, whatever that means

Have you had those friends that you just love?
There's no reason you should, really. 
They maybe do dumb things sometimes. 
Maybe you never get to see them. 
Perhaps there is no logical reason why you should be friends, 
but somehow you just are?
No other way to say it. 
You just are.

Over Christmas I got a call from France.
I haven't talked to him in... I don't know, maybe a few months?
But he called. And we talked. 
About nothing really important. 
I wanted to know about his life, 
and he wanted to know about mine.
I was so blunt with him that it made the little girls in the back seat giggle.
But that's just the way it is.


At the end of the conversation I asked him what he does with his time. 
He says he reads whatever he can get his hands on, and I ask if I can send him a book.
He promises me a postcard.
I say he must write a lot.
And there must be pictures of his adventures. 
He agrees.

I'm really good at interrogating him. 
Well, I'm really good at interrogating, period. 
But here's how you know we're real friends.
He interrogates me back.
Give and take.

"It's my turn to interrogate you now.....
Do you feel like a business woman? 
How many more years before you become president of the world? 
Do you ever feel overworked?" 

He knows just what to ask,
and I will wait for him to sit still long enough for me to have an address to write him back to.

For now, I have a postcard from France.
There's nothing like a good friend.

Love Always,
Taylor Ann


kylee said...

there is nothing like having a good friend to write to. i miss writing luke letters so much. i need some friends to go on missions again so i have people to send letters to!

Jessica Holly said...

Is this Jordan?