I even had dad snap a picture...

New Years has never been a "thing" around these parts. Not that we don't love the idea of starting fresh or being excited for the future, but we just haven't ever really been into it. I think my parents normally go to sleep around 10. Sometimes they probably roll over and give each other a kiss as the fireworks go off and people start to shout.

I don't really remember what I've done on New Year's Eves before this.. I suppose none of them were that memorable. So when it came time to make plans this year, I hadn't even give it a thought. There was a dance going on in town, then miss gina wanted to play dress up and drink cider. But then daddy suggested we go out. Me, mom, dad. Just us. Dinner, movies, and cider.... but mostly dinner. [the kids are pretty popular these days, so naturally they were gone] 

I don't know about you, but I thought forgoing the 45 minutes of freeway driving for a night in with the parentals sounded about right. Mom and I ran some errands [mostly, i needed shoes and she needed groceries...] and ate ice cream and sang loud all the way home. I dawned the fake eyelashes, lipstick, sparkles, and a princess skirt and went to the fanciest dinner I've ever had.

We talked about the past and a little bit of the future, and naturally we talked about the boys of my life [which is always a favorite subject]. We tasted some things that were incredible.....beef. and some things that were an experience....rosemary dessert?

I thoroughly enjoyed my time having my parents to myself, and then something like 9 courses and 3 hours later I was voted driver [20 year olds have a better record for staying up until these hours you know....] and we headed home.

And you know what? BEST. NEWYEARSEVE. EVER.

you should really try hanging out with your parents sometime.



Kara said...

I love you girl! So glad you chose us, even if you did have to drive us home.xoxo

kylee said...

i looove this. i totally agree though, nights in with the parents are most definitely worth it.