Let's get real.
Everyone loves compliments.
Some people don't know how to react to them,
but who are we to interpret that as they don't appreciate them?
They do.
I do.

So on Sunday we had an awesome Sunday School lesson [shout out to Nate]
and one part of it asked for two roommate volunteers.
one was asked to then give a sincere compliment to the other.
It literally made my day.
Then some kind soul came up to me while I was taking off my dance shoes....
"you have beautiful hair.... actually you are really pretty, not just your hair"
Thank you Jennifer, who's in the 285 dance class after mine.

Seriously, be sincere. And honest. And never suppress a kind thought.

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Nate said...

Am I allowed to comment? I love your blog!!... and not just because I got a shout out!