a few of the crafts of late...kinda

Sooooo that one time when I crafted with Jess.....

I made a couple other things that I did not mention. 
Mostly because they were gifts. and gifts for people who may or may not read my blog.
One is for my dearest Kelsie.
Whose birthday was back in December....
and I'm so lame that it took me this long to give her her gift.
[i mean let's be honest...all my gifts were late this year, but this was especially bad]
 so I bought a hideous speckled frame at DI....
[who ever got the idea that that would add appeal to decor...I have no clue]
 so I painted straight over the top.
with a sponge brush. Then a gloss top coat.
 glued lace to the back...and tada!
an official place to hang those millions of pairs of cute earrings. 

and to my darling Kasee, whom I told I was giving a gift...this bad boy was for you.
Then one day I walked to school, with this in my hand. 
Tripped on the stairs....and well, the little guy couldn't handle my body weight.
and it shattered.
I still owe you one ;)

Quote for the Day:
[taken from Condoleeza Rice's recent visit/address to BYU]
"Keep your optimism. If you can't, then who can, and who will?"


Kaseface said...

Tay. that was adorable. such a bummer it never made it to me but it was still sweet of you to think of me! of course if you find that exact same thing again I wouldn't be opposed to it ;) lol love you darling!

TaylorAnn said...

Well, I would be making the same thing again ;) But I love you too!