Past the Outward Appearance...

So, remember that thrift store I talked about??

I also found this.

a little tarnished? yes.
alot darling? also yes.

so with a little elbow grease, and quite a bit of 
Wright's Silver Polish (found at my local grocery store)
it made it into....

...a gift.

Where else can you find an entire antique tea set
(original stickers still attached)
for 20 dollars?

Something I relearned this week?
Look past outward appearances.
Because it's worth it. 
It will surprise you what you find.
 In more ways than just tarnished silver. 

On a different note, 
my skin is literally freaking out.
I went from.....
Utah [dry/cold]
to California [not dry/still cold]
to the ocean [warm/humid]
back to Utah [dry/cold]
talk about not knowing how to adjust. 
dry skin.
no fun?
My goal?
Fix it.
Vegetables, exercise, and moisturization. 
Wish me luck :)

you ready for me to post about the cruise yet...?
haha, ok maybe not [due to your intense jealousy]
but I will. soon. promise.

Enough for now. 

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Cici said...

I loved this. I hope you use it in a talk or a great leadership training session.