A little misconception...

[Well, I couldn't get my pictures to work... so imagine a picture here that represents the best kind of love and/or relationship]

First, I'm taking a class called LDS marriage and family. All you notmormon people reading this [and members too], don't judge just yet. People have a misconception about BYU, well several actually. One is that they just want to get us married off. That's not the case, at least not in my experience. Rather, I think, they want to prepare us for what could very well be considered the most important decision we ever make. Think about it, even if you don't have the belief that you will be together forever with your spouse, they are the person who will be with you for the rest of your life. They play a major role in your future happiness and sadness and all of the in betweens. They will help/not help you to raise your future children. I remember in high school someone was bashing on BYU for being a "mating ground" or the like. My teacher happened to be a single parent. I was so grateful when she chimed in, "People could really use things like marriage prep, it's something you need to be prepared for". Not that I did before, but from that day forward, I never participated in wise cracks about all the talk about marriage here because I knew she was right. Marriage in our world is falling apart all over the place. It's losing importance and meaning, and somebody needs to be prepared for it, because our chances of making it are already 50/50. I'm doing everything I can to make myself the best person I can be, and learn how to form, foster, and keep all human relationships, not just my one with my future husband. I already know that I'm the 50% that's making it. No matter what. When I make up my mind it's pretty much a lost cause to convince me otherwise.

And you know it's funny, we don't study "marriage" in and of itself, we study things like repentance and faith and the kind of things that make you a better person and get you through the hard times. So there. Don't judge. 

"As we become full participants in the culture of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we become “fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God” (Eph. 2:19).

"I testify that this is what our Lord and Savior would have us do so that we may become what His gospel intends us to be" -Dallin H Oaks

[Speaking on the subject of "individuality"] "Sin, on the other hand, brings sameness; it shrinks us to addictive appetites and insubordinate impulses. For a brief surging, selfish moment, sin may create the illusion of individuality, but only as in the grunting, galloping Gadarene swine!"  - Neal A Maxwell

Just thought I'd rant for a minute....


Jen Kerr said...

aren't you loving that class?! seriously, so good.

TaylorAnn said...

literally, love. so so much. Also, my plant is not sprouting... and it's been a week.... maybe I'll blog about THAT someday.. hahaha.