Little Miracles, and a little crafting too.

So Friday morning I went to the temple at 5...
the night before, it had slush/rained and afterward frozen, so the ground was solid ice.
I made it just fine, then I went to pull into a parking spot.
[For those of you who have been to the Provo temple you know the parking lot is built on a slant]
you may be able to see where this is going.....
my car wheels were headed right and my car began to slide straight into the truck next to me.
By some miracle I pumped my brakes as hard as I could and stopped 6 inches from the car.
I thought for a minute. Tried to reverse and slid an inch or two closer. So that leaves me... close.
By some miracle, a grounds crew was there and helped me push it out.
Tender Mercy.

Heavenly Father is so interesting in how he teaches us.
For me, I almost never get it right the first time. 
It seems like he puts perfect things in front of me, let's me think that I'm in charge and go shopping around for what I deem the "best", then allows me to arrive at his perfect decision, which was right all along. I wish I wasn't so darn stubborn.

On a different note, I spent my holiday well :)
Most of it was spent crafting with the sister.
Favorite craft of the day?

craft of the week: this.

Step 1: find an ancient ugly accordion lamp at DI. 

 2. Sew some strips about 2 inches long with whatever material you want
[i used a silky green sheet, also from DI]

3. make ruffles, they're so easy.
I didn't know what I was doing, just scrunch it up with your fingers like that.
Oh, and I ripped up another sheet so it was double layered.

Then I hot glued them on :) [them being the ruffles]
success. this isn't the finished product, but I will get a picture of that bad boy in action soon.

How did you spend your Martin Luther King Jr. Day?
[ps is that not the longest name for a holiday...ever?]

quotes of the week:

"But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation."
-Martin Luther King Jr. 

"You cannot succeed in love if you keep one foot out on the bank for safety's sake. The very nature of the endeavor requires that you hold on to each other as tightly as you can and jump in the pool together."  -Jeffrey R. Holland