Pink Sunday

Today was Sunday. 
I love Sundays :)
...even if our whole apartment struggles with getting to church on time. 

Mostly I always wake up fifteen minute before I'm supposed to leave. 

A friend was supposed to come over for brunch, then canceled, so I made brunch anyways :)
aka stuffed french toast? by myself? Yes.

Then pink lady cake for dessert tonight.

it was awesome :)


and...someday I'll learn how to use my remote control for my camera. 
then there won't be a camera in front of my face in every picture.

I realized after I made this post that everything I posted about was pink.
the strawberries in the french toast
the pink lady cake.
even the outfit.
Apparently it was just a pink Sunday :)
What that means? I have no idea...
Hope yours was every bit as good.

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