Late Night Adventures

What does Taylor Veater do at 2AM on a Friday night?

Something that looks a little like this. 
Hot fudge? 
Sweet Cream Cheese? 
Crepes for the morning meeting? Yes.
Will I go to sleep tonight? 
I don't think so.
Am I an insomniac?
but only when I just need to get things done.

p.s. Peter Pan [currently showing at BYU] is phenomenal.
...so is the hoedown throwdown that our apartment learned last week.
My, Isn't life productive :)


Phillip and Katrina said...

taylor veater you just do it all:) and you look good at 2am, cause i don't!

TaylorAnn said...

Haha, I try, but I'm nowhere near capable enough to do it all :) And I'm sure you look fabulous at two am.