On exotic vacations and missing mommys....

Ok, sorry I suck at this whole blogging game lately. 
Mostly, I blame it on school.
When school comes around..... 
Well, let me give you an example:
For the past four months or so 
I have had somewhere in the ballpark of 6 missionary letters 
on my desk. waiting to be replied to....
so don't feel left out, I've done more blogging than I have writing... :)
Moral of the story: school kills. in the best sense possible.
finally have cruise pictures to put up!

So, one time our family went to Mexico....
 We dressed up at night.

 And fully supported Brooke in getting cornrows.
 Drank lots of Coke light 
[how it is possible for it to be that much better than diet coke, we may never know...]
 Ate fajitas de camarones at every stop.
 loved each other alot.
 I went ahead and accepted the fact that my little brother is not so little.
 And watched him work it with all the ladies 
I mean, look at that wink he's got there ;)
 Fully appreciated the kissing swans and hanging monkeys made from towels.
Brought out the best of the 12-year-old hormones... ;)
 And took lots of pictures :)
 Mostly I hate this picture of me, but because they are all so cool....
I will sacrifice my pride.
And Brooke's for that matter.

Then I came home. To cold. And dry.
And I think my body must have gone into shock, 
because I immediately got sick.
You know you're sick when......
you nap for 5 hours on a Friday night.
and go grocery shopping to get a box of tissues.
And vitamin c. And wellness herbal tea.

But note the sweatshirt and lack of makeup. 
If not for being miserable and missing your mommy,
being sick might not be such a bad thing.
I mean, legitimate excuse for bad hair/makeup days?
I could use those more often.

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