Blissful Brides

So my sister is quite the party thrower. 
I mean, I love to throw parties, but she is really a pro.
[of course I have a couple years to reach her expertise... maybe I'll get there]
And this weekend she threw a party!
a bridal shower to be exact. 
I just thought I'd show off and exhibit what a wonderful job she did.
You see she really wants to throw me a bridal shower. 
And, well... she would like to do it right now....
sometimes she even texts me about her dreams about my bridal shower.
But, seeing I'm gonna make her wait awhile [unless I have the sudden urge to follow my parents and be engaged in ten days]
...she can just appreciate the blissful love of Miss Ellen and her fiancee.

Look at that beautiful bride- darling, right? :)
[and by right I mean she's on the left...]

Love Always,
Taylor Ann


Jessica Holly said...

Oh stop it :)

Elisabeth said...

this is just adorable :)

ms.composure said...

o wow it looks gr8! and that food looks delicious!!


Hannah said...

YAY! I was hoping to track down this picture of me and Ellen!! It's lucky that i saw a link to your sister's blog (via Ellen's facebook) and then it provided me a link to yours :) ...Hope you don't think that's too creepy. haha. Thanks for taking that wonderful pic!