Livin the dream... from a great angle.

Last weekend we got to sit in the president's box... 
well, let's call it a "Loge" since that's what the ticket says.
Plus, it sounds way cooler.
Although we girls may have complained at having to wear matching polos with the boys-
[I mean come on, on our first dates with these boys?] it was way worth it.
1. Look at that view
4. We got to watch the rushing of the field happen from that angle.
[Seriously, watch the progression of the field in these pictures...]

 I mean, in all honesty, the last 4 minutes were the most exciting part. 
But all you need to remember is the strong finish anyways, right?
And if great food and company happen to be a part of it all- yeah, that's alright with me.

Hanging out with President Samuelson and Sister Beck on my Friday night. 
You know, living the dream.

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Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

wow, my husband would die for these seats. how incredible is that view?!
xo TJ