Halloween fun

Meet my spicy roommates.
 First, we have Kathryn the old cat lady:
to think that everything she is wearing is mine is quite the frightening thought.
 Kathryn loves the funny costumes... she's been a bat, a loofa, and attempted a rubix cube.
The old cat lady costume fit right in to all of that.
 After the initial pictures, we had to get a little bit more creative,
so naturally, Kathryn grabbed a bag of toilet paper rolls.
Fitting? Let's go with it.
 Lauren was wonderwoman so she just looked sassy, mostly.
Her normal and theme picture were combined into one:
What can we say? She is wonderwoman.
 I was a ladybug.
I know you can't see my wings....but, trust me here.
When it comes to Halloween, I have a whole box of outfits.
I outfit myself and plenty of others.
So my costumes never really have rhyme or reason,
they just happen to be whatever I'm feeling at the moment.
Moral of the story: I was feeling ladybug-esque last night.
[interpret as you will]

We love each other a whole heck of a lot.
We loved our fourth roommate too, but she was off and getting engaged last night.
Suuuupper exciting!
Forgive the horrible lighting,
but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Happy Halloween :)
Love Always, 
Taylor Ann


Paige Andy said...

These are adorable!! Love the cat lady idea. Glad you had a great Halloween.

Chelsea said...

I miss you! Cutest ladybug ever. :) You guys are so cute!

kylee said...

i may or may not have to steal the ladybug idea sometime. love it. alsoooo your boy is home yes?! sure hope things are going well!