Sweater weather and forgotten assignments

Here is about the most exciting picture I can muster for the day.
I, currently, am sitting on the floor in a hallway.
Just, you know.... doing homework.
You see, last night I about had a panic attack.
I looked at a schedule to see some details on an assignment that's coming up.
Well, what I HADN'T seen was that listed below said assignment were 2 pre-assignments.
Yeah... they were due two weeks ago.
But lucky me! I have some awesome TAs that get real-life and helped me out.
But alas, that is why I'm sitting alone in a hallway, doing homework.

And have class until 9. NINE?! yes, until 9.
Maybe they'll have some mercy and let us out at 8:30 ;)
Aside from school (aka life) the fall leaves are coming off the trees.
They rain on me as I walk home.

Welcome back, sweater weather :)


kylee said...

i promise i know i exactly how you feel. went to class this week only to be told i had four lesson plans due LAST TIME. panic attack ensued. luckily the teacher is nice enough to let me and my co-teacher turn them in tomorrow. how i managed to miss the due date for all 4 is beyond me.

Jessica Holly said...

AND you're in your paper crane dress!! Yipee!

Lindsay Rae said...

You have good reason to be a bit forgetful... If you know what I'm saying. :)