Where were you headed off to?

 The question arose in the bathroom this morning at church..
"where were you off to when I saw you Wednesday night?"
At the point I saw her, little did I know it
but I was headed to Vegas.
You see, we got a call from daddy, who was at a business conference there.
and an hour later we were in the car and away we went!
A long phone conversation kept me busy for much of the six hour car ride,
so it flew by and before we knew it we were:
eating breakfast in bed, 
getting pedicures, 
and laying out by the pool catching some MUCH needed rays of sunshine.

I'll pay for it this week, but I'm so glad I went!
Daddy, thanks for loving your little girls way more than we deserve,
and always treating us like princesses.
It was one of the best daddy-daughter dates thus far.
We love you!
I love you!

It's a beautiful life around these parts ;)
Taylor Ann

[also, I haven't been blogging. sin. someday maybe I'll tell you why]

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