because it happened

So, remember my rose-burning-fun a few months ago?
Well, around that time I also found my old box of notes.
And, you know, reading them helped me remember how much I loved them. 
And when you remember those times, you wonder how it ever came to be that you aren't close now.
In some cases, it was my fault. 
I was immature and did things that put a wall between us.
In some cases, time and distance placed us far apart.
And that was that.
Sometimes I get sad that they're over.
But then I remember to smile because they happened....those friendships that I needed so much.
I am so grateful for those memories that I shared with them, and I will forever look back fondly
on writing secret notes and sticking them under the church couch,
making waffles and peanut butter and dressing up late at night,
decorating envelopes and sending handwritten letters,
taking friends on family vacations to the beach and the mountains,
taking pictures and writing notes during class,
and giggling about silly crushes [these notes were chalk-full of those]

I will always love these girls.
No matter what comes between or where we are.
Their friendships got me through hard times.
And helped me appreciate the good times.

So in the words of Dr. Seuss...
smile because it happened.
Love Always, 
Taylor Ann

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Schwartzie said...

I needed to read this, thanks for the reminder:)