on avoiding reality

So, lately there just happen to be a lot of life decisions coming at me......very rapidly.
Sometimes I deal with them like a real person and do things like homework,
thinking, praying, and actually making decisions and such.....
...but then sometimes all this makes me lose my mind and I do things like
leave a candle lit and set the fire alarm off
or sleep through my alarm four times this week.
And thus, sometimes I pretend like they aren't coming at all.
So I do things like:
(1) make an army of gummy bears during board meetings
(2) go shopping with my sister
or (3) chop my bangs and wear a cute new trenchcoat [bought in picture #2]

I highly encourage at least a little bit of the avoidance option.
Too much of the facing reality option can make you go insane.

Upcoming and exciting?
My best friend's birthday was yesterday.
I will probably blog about my love for her soon.
And fun fact, I had an article about me in the paper this week!
So that's all exciting and blogworthy, right?

Love you forever and always, 
Taylor Ann

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