You know those happiness moments?
The ones where the weather is perfect,
the sky is the right shade of blue,
when nothing seems to be the matter,
and you curl up with a blanket and a book,
or take a hot bath.
Those moments when you feel so content,
where everyone around you is smiling,
and you just can't seem to wipe the smile off your face.
When you sing loud in the car,
or catch a glimpse of something breathtaking,
when the snow is falling so magically,
or you feel loved perfectly despite your imperfections.

I love those moments. 
I live for them.
Magic is real,
I just know it is. 

I remember walking home from class my freshman year on my birthday.
It was in the end of February, and weather is never very good then.
But the sun was shining and it felt so good on my face.
I can remember exactly where I was at that moment, and I remember how it felt.

I remember seeing my kids waiting for me at the front of the orphanage when our bus pulled in.
I remember dancing with them all night to the sounds of Peruvian voices and guitars.
I remember Jerry holding my hands and walking on my feet and smiling up with that toothless grin.

I remember coming home for a weekend in the summer of 2009 and sleeping under the stars with my family.

I remember driving down dirt roads this summer with the music up loud...singing at the top of our lungs,  and catching frogs in the muddy banks of the pond.

Life is never perfect. 
But I think He gives us moments in which we glimpse for a moment what pure joy feels like.
It's that peaceful, calm, happy moment when nothing else seems to matter. 
Where even if all other things are wrong, you just know it will be ok.
I think that might be what eternity feels like.
I suppose I'll have to wait to find out.

These are some of my favorite "magic" pictures on my pinterest account.
I think the older I get, and the more I make the distinction between what matters and what doesn't,
I have more and more "magic" moments.
It's more of the feeling than the circumstance or action.
That swelling in your heart. 

In those moments, and always....


Erin said...

Taylor Veater. I am so grateful for you and the beautiful things you are constantly doing and saying. This was such a wonderful post. Love you!

Jessica Holly said...

um I love this.

Jen Kerr said...

i love this post. made my day! also, i miss you.