Do nice things!

 Ok, so last week was wild...
in a happy way of course.
 And I just wanted to say what a lucky girl I am. 
I am convinced that I am surrounded by some of the most caring, loving souls this world has to offer. 
I have two examples.
(A.) I got these sweet treats and an even sweeter note from a girl I absolutely adore
(B.) Our friend Mike dropped off a homemade cakeball for each of us over here at 105
Both were unsolicited, but 100% appreciated.
Love these cute, kind people :)

Oh, and I love you too,
Taylor Ann

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Kara said...

Love is the most wonderful thing in the world! I love you and those like you who give sooo much love... can't help but get much love in return. You deserve it all. Xoxo Mom