what a weekend.

Last weekend started out with beautiful blue skies and puffy white clouds.
Not bad for the beginning of October, huh?
Friday, I rushed as fast as my little brain could to finish my midterms and get to Salt Lake.
[come on, church University... midterms during General Conference?]
Grandma and Grandpa, along with my aunt and uncle's family, were in town.
So, naturally, I had a sleepover with my two cousins Saturday night...
and spent all day Sunday with my grandparents.
The company and conversation couldn't have been a more welcome reprieve from my crazy week.

Even if they're short, much-needed breaks seem to come right when you need them.
We spent the day watching conference, walking around temple square, 
and visiting the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. 
Grandma told me about staying in the building when she was a flight attendant-
at that time it was still known as hotel Utah.
We looked at the beautiful architecture and the little blurbs about the building's history.
We found out that my dad gets his love for history from my grandpa.
They both stop to read every sign.
It made me feel right at home, being with my family last weekend,
even though I'm still far from it. 
I think grandparents are one of those really special gifts He gives us.
They aren't parents, but they love you almost as much.
And you just can't help but love them back even more.

Here's to adventure
and learning
and miniature retreats from college life.

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