Homecoming Happiness

This week was homecoming, and it was so great.
I love feeling that energy that accompanies school spirit in all its forms.
Where ever you may be, take pride in where you are- own it!
I certainly have tried my best to embrace BYU and all it has to offer me. 
I truly would not want to be anywhere else in the world.
This week aside from being wonderful, was also very hard.
You see, I'm pretty heavily involved with student Alumni [due to my aforementioned love for BYU]
and we put on events and help host luncheons during the entire week of Homecoming.
In particular, Hike and Light the Y falls under my list of responsibilities-and it's a large event.
When I say large, I mean like 900 people type of large, so... pretty large.
Mostly, for a while there I was in uber-stress mode.
Jess brought me a cupcake and a diet coke the night of the event- she knows how to take care of me.
It made for the perfect "Happiness Package".
Needless to say, the event went well, and I got a picture with Cosmo too!

And the week ended with a date that let me use a vintage clutch and patten leather shoes.
Love that.

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Layla said...

Taylor, you are adorable! I love the last picture.

This post made me miss BYU. Sigh.