I probably love being 21. Ok, I really do.

But really, my birthday was one of the best days EVER, 
as was the rest of the week spent with my family.

Someday I will tell you about all of the celebrating.
But for now? I am going to record 20 important things that happened in my 20th year of life.

1-Walked the Brooklyn Bridge
2- Explored Central Park
3- Went through my first sudo-relationship [booya. it was longer than two weeks.]
4- ...and subsequently my first DTR
5- ...and subsequently my first breakup? if that's what you call it
6-  Lost 5 pounds
7- Ran a race. a hard race.
8- Kissed a boy or two
9- Took several roadtrips. [idaho, vegas, california(x3) anyone?]
10- Chose a major
11- Moved into a new apartment
12- Threw a sweet dance party or two...ok maybe more
13- Spent a million nights up at the house
14- Explored Yosemite with Linner
15- Discovered my love for Thai food on a whole new level
16- Cut off ALL of my hair
17- Became a Vice President for Student Alumni
18- Put some blonde in my hair
19- Found roots in the 1950s and my obsession with lipstick.
20- Lived a whole heck of a lot

I feel like that's a pretty solid list for a year of life.
And I'm continuing to love every minute.
Can't wait to see what this year has in store.
I mean, it started off with a sequin shirt...
it's already going the right direction.

[Kudos to Jess for the picture at my birthday dinner!] 

Love Always
Taylor Ann


Camille said...

Happy Birthday! OK, let's just talk about how FAB that shirt you're wearing is!! And how GORGEOUS you are! And how much I just like you!

Erin Collins said...

Happy Birthday! Are that shirt is amazing! You are stunning!

Erin Collins said...

*And that shirt

kylee said...

hotttt daaannngg birthday babe. that sequin shirt looks fab.

Jenna said...

you are fantastic. and i loved getting food with you! i want to see you again soon!!! i hope your birthday was lovely :)

Chelsie Clarke said...

Congratulations! You are rocking that sequin / hot lips combo!